Is a Short-Term Rental The Right Solution for Your Temporary Housing Need?

Is a Short-Term Rental The Right Solution for Your Temporary Housing Need?

Are you one of the 300,000 persons who are expected to move to Texas this year?  If so, is a short-term rental right for you?

You have likely paid hundreds of dollars per night for an Airbnb, and have probably paid over a $100 per night for a small hotel room (and not a fancy one at that), but maybe you are coming to Texas for a one-month training course in order to switch professions, and you can’t afford to pay hundreds per night for a small Airbnb and a tiny cheap hotel room will barely be livable for a whole month?

Is there another option?

Yes, there is, although they are kind of hard to come by, especially if you want to spend under $100 per night, including ALL fees and taxes (which, on Airbnb’s can easily add $20-30 per night, or even more).

I am the property supervisor of Westview Forest Apartments in Houston, Texas, and this property offers short term rentals that are 350 square feet, are fully furnished, with a full kitchen with all appliances (including a convection microwave that you can actually bake in!), and is move-in ready.


Cozy bedroom with bed, fridge, and fan

But here are some really cool features you will never find in a hotel or an Airbnb:

  • Because it’s located inside an apartment community, you have full services 6 days a week, something you will never find in an Airbnb.
  • You get your own assigned parking spot—right in front of your rental!
  • There are two beautiful pools onsite, just a few steps from your rental.
  • The property is centrally located near the upscale Memorial neighborhood, with access to all the major Houston highways.
  • Within just a few miles of the property, you will find hundreds of restaurants, two huge movie theaters and lots of nighttime entertainment venues.

And the price?  Weekly it runs $429 (ie, about $60 per night), and monthly, $1299 ($43 per night!)—and these prices INCLUDE all the taxes and fees.  These prices are the least expensive of any short term rental I could find in an online search I just conducted.  The cheapest I could find—without ANY of the amenities quoted above—was advertised at $65 per night, but when I plugged in a 3-night stay, the total was quoted at $268.95—which works out to $90 per night, NOT $65!

For more information, check out the various pages of this property website, and check out our Youtube channel for some videos of two of our short-term rentals

 ( and check out the reviews on our Google Reviews


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