Short Term Furnished Rental in Houston


Continuing our one-of-a-kind trailblazing history (only property with guardhouse, only property with doubly-insulated roofs, only property that is guaranteed not to flood, only property with half-price electric bills, etc), we have just created a beautiful, fully-furnished studio apartment that can be rented for a day (like a hotel), for a week (like an Airbnb) or for a month or two—like a corporate unit. This furnished short-term rental would be ideal for someone who is going to come visit you, a friend that is moving to Houston and wants a short term rental while scoping Houston out for a job transfer, looking to buy a house, etc.  Here are the reasons why our studio (Apt 3222) is much better than a hotel room or an Airbnb:


Why Choose Our Short Term Rental?

  • Much bigger than most hotel rooms
  • Provides full cooking facilities, with tons of cabinet space and a huge fridge
  • Much safer than any hotel parking lot or Airbnb
  • Assigned parking space very close to apt is INCLUDED
  • Pets no problem with us. they are a problem at a fair number of hotels and Airbnb’s–plus we have a dogpark
  • Access to laundry room and pool–not available at most Airbnb’s and hotels
  • Better location than ANY reasonably-priced hotels in this area
  • Concierge service available–we’ll have contractors who can do your laundry, do extra cleanings on a longer rental, etc
  • Much cheaper than even a cheap hotel


Our fully-furnished units cost $59 to $69 per night, which reduces to $399 to $429 per week or $1199 to $1299 per month ($1199 per month is less than $40 per day!).  Please note that this price includes all service fees and taxes, and also includes an assigned parking spot AND broadband internet.  Call us at 713-467-1719 if you want a tour one of our fully-furnished units.!


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